Who Really Needs Help?

“Where were you
when I laid the earth’s foundation?”
Job 38:4 (NIV)

One of the most difficult realities of life for us to learn is how utterly dependent we are on many different things.

As you watch children develop you quickly learn that they have an independent spirit and wish to do things themselves. For example, when feeding time comes, a child soon desires to use the spoon or fork for themselves and start to resist being spoon fed.

Children are programmed from birth to gradually become independent of their parents. This is normal and it is good.

A truly helpful parent will teach their children to become more and more independent until the parent is no longer necessary in the child’s life for most situations. Granted that wise children will seek counsel from their parents, but for most situations young adults properly raised will function well on their own.

But then a crisis arises and the young adult flounders as they seek to make sense of the issue and determine how to handle it. It does not matter how well we have raised our children, they are going to face problems too great for their resources. We know that because we have been overcome ourselves and find we do not have the resources to cope.

Perhaps our employer went bankrupt or inflation has eaten away our retirement fund and we must keep on working when we should have been able to retire in comfort.

Maybe we were born in a poor country and regardless of how hard we work, life seems too much. Then there are people with health issues that hold them back. One of our children may not able to earn a living and we ache for them. We wonder how they will cope when we pass on.

So many things come along to remind us that we are not as self-sufficient as we thought in our youth. It can be embarrassing for us as we age and perhaps become more dependent on our adult children and others to support us. Who needs help? We all do. The sooner we recognize it the better.

Job is a man in desperate need. His entire world has collapsed. As he staggers about under the crushing load of his grief, he has endured the misguided advice of his “friends”. They add to the suffering by their clumsy efforts to help.

Then God speaks and silences the nonsense of the “friends” of Job. What God does is rather surprising. He does not explain to Job why he suffers as he does, rather God points to His creation and asks if He needed help or advice putting the world together. God takes Job back to when the worlds came into existence and indicates by the verse for today that He needs no one.

God is the only One in the universe who does not need anyone or anything. On the other hand we all arrive at the place in life where we know that we cannot survive on our own.  Perhaps your burden today is going to be used to draw you to the all sufficient One. He calls on all of us to turn from our bankrupt resources to Him and find all we need for time and eternity.

If God could put the entire universe together by Himself, then He can pick up the broken pieces of your life and make a new person of you.

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