A Sight Beyond Description

"...they shall see God"
Matthew 5:8

I have had the privilege of visiting only a few countries during my life time. I timed a visit to Scotland to be there in late August to witness the amazing sight of the heather on the west highlands. The white cliffs of Dover in England are spectacular. Even in my own country of Canada, it is wonderful to see the western Rocky mountains, the lakes and rivers with beautiful turquoise glacial water, or the enormous icebergs floating off the coast of Newfoundland and other natural wonders of creation.

How amazing it is for us to have eye sight and witness a sunrise or sunset as the sky blazes with reds, oranges and other colours. Those who have looked through a telescope at the beauties of space, the incredible galaxies with various colours have seen the awesome power, artistry and engineering beauty of our Creator.

So examining the wonders of creation causes us to try and imagine how spectacular the sight of the Creator must be. We know, from reading the story of Moses in the Old Testament, that God informed Moses that he would die if he was to see God. The closest we can come to seeing God—this side of eternity—is to read about Jesus in the Gospels.

Jesus' life, as recorded in the New Testament, shows us a Man Who was more than a man. Jesus went about claiming to be God in various ways. He took the names for Jehovah for Himself. In Psalm 23 David claimed that Jehovah was his Shepherd. In John 10 Jesus claimed to be the Good Shepherd of His people.

The Old Testament teaches that God is the One Who forgives sin (Psalm 51). Yet Jesus claimed authority to forgive sin (Mark 2:5). In the Old Testament Jehovah (Isaiah 45:6-8) claimed to be in charge of creation. Then in the New Testament (Matthew 8:27) we read that Jesus controlled the winds and the waves.

On it goes with the evidence that our Lord Jesus was God in human form. So, through the record of Jesus' life, we have glimpses of what God is like. Jesus was patient, kind to all, gentle, loving, sovereign. So, when Jesus invited the apostles to look at Him and see the Father, He made a remarkable claim for Himself that was true to His life's record.

Yet, for all that, there is a vision of Jesus yet to come that will be incredible beyond all description for those who love Him.

The day is coming when Jesus shall reveal Himself to all humanity. There will be a mixed reaction among people when this day occurs. Some people will be frightened and call for the hills and mountains to hide them from the sight (Revelation 6:16). They will be full of fear when they see the One they have rejected all their lives.

The rest of humanity will rejoice and be glad. This group are the people who trusted in Jesus and confessed Him as their resurrected Lord and Saviour. May you be one of those who look for the blessed hope of our Lord's return. That glorious sight shall quickly chase away all of our sorrows connected with this life.

More love to Thee, O Christ,
More love to Thee!
Hear Thou the prayer I make
On bended knee;
This is my earnest plea:
More love, O Christ, to Thee,
More love to Thee,
More love to Thee!

Once earthly joy I craved,
Sought peace and rest;
Now Thee alone I seek, 
Give what is best;
This all my prayer shall be:
More love, O Christ, to Thee,
More love to Thee,
More love to Thee!

Then shall my latest breath
Whisper Thy praise;
This be the parting cry
My heart shall raise;
This still its prayer shall be:
More love, O Christ, to Thee,
More love to Thee,
More love to Thee!

E. Prentiss

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