"I am the Lord I do not change..."
Malachi 3:6

One of our Creator's more fascinating creatures is the chameleon. This lizard comes in many varieties and grows from a half an inch long as an adult up to 30 inches in length. Some have tongues longer than their body. Their claim to fame is their ability to change color. Changing color is a way to communicate anger, to express amorous feelings toward a female, and for camouflage among other benefits.

Clearly for this creature, the ability to change it's appearance is highly beneficial. Three layers of cells make up the means by which they accomplish their famous color change. We wonder how they could have evolved into creatures with such a complex exterior skin. Believing that God made them that way is the best explanation after all.

As we look around at creation we see another principle at work. Everywhere we see "change and decay"—as the hymn writer put it. I bring home cut flowers to my wife and soon they wither and die. The winters here in Canada cut short life in our flower garden. Or look at your wedding photos from 40 years ago and you see the effects of aging.

Somehow we sense that this is not right and we long for the immortality we do not realize we have. Death seems somehow obscene—a disgusting enemy that we know shall come to all of us sometime, regardless of our efforts to resist it.

Some fine Christians have found that other believers break promises they have made. For example, in the traditional wedding vows people say they will love and cherish their new marriage partner until death parts them. Years later the vows are forgotten as one partner falls in love with someone else.

Then some people, through no fault of their own, have to cease doing something they promised to do. For example, someone loses their job and can no longer support a missionary as they promised. It is not the fault of the person who supported the missionary that they must now write and explain why they have ceased helping.

Then, when we come to a verse such as we have for today and we find some light, some hope. Over and over in the Bible God tells us that He does not vary, He does not change. We read of Jesus that He is the same, yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Do you not long for someone, somewhere who is unchanging?

With the Lord, a promise made is a promise kept. God has all the resources needed to help us. He plans the future so nothing takes Him by surprise. He is all wise so no situation baffles Him and causes Him to have to change His plans.

Can you not trust this One with yourself, your future? Will you not come to Him and ask for the needed resources to sustain you in your crisis in life? Read the Gospels and wonder at the gentle, loving, faithful One called Jesus. By looking at Him you see the unchanging Father in heaven (John 14:9). Come to Him and come today.

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