Full Sight

"For now we see through a glass darkly..."
1 Corinthians 13:12

"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God"
Matthew 5:8

For some years Susan and I had the pleasure of friendship with a couple—both of whom were born blind. They grew up, graduated from university, and made significant contributions to their local church and to society.

I well recall being in their home for dinner that our blind friend had prepared. She made a wonderful meal and it was finely presented. We watched as they skillfully ate all of their unseen food.

They used their computers as well as we could use ours. They never stumbled as they moved from room to room in their home.

However, I still thank God for eyesight and use it to great advantage. Sight is such a blessing in this life and we who are sighted should be daily thankful for this sense.

The Bible makes clear that when it comes to our ability to "see God" we are dreadfully deficient in this life. We are like the blind who can gain some idea of what something is but the full extent of the object eludes them no matter how much they try to imagine what is being described to them.

Our blind friends had no conception of what color was. They really did not even know what it meant to see in black and white. Neither of them could detect shadows, such was their impairment.

In the Bible we do have some glorious suggestions about the beauty of God and what it must be like when we "shall see God". We have a statement that God is light and in Him there is no darkness.

Most societies equate darkness with evil and evil powers. Witness the Star Wars movie and Luke Skywalker struggling to not succumb to the "dark side of the force". We speak of movies being "dark" and imply that the movie is mysterious and evil.

The adjective that is used most to describe God in Scripture is that He is holy. Three times in Isaiah 6:3 we read God is holy. God's moral purity defines all of His other attributes. As sinners we have difficulty "seeing" the holiness of God. Our eyesight is very deficient in this matter.

However, we can gain some sense of how beautiful in holiness God is when we read about Jesus, who said that if we see Him we see the Father. Our best view of God is to read all we can about Jesus in Scripture. Here is food for our love of God, look at Jesus and fall in love with God all over again.

If your love for the Lord has grown cold through the chilling winds of adversity, warm your heart by seeing God in the person of Jesus Christ. Get into the Gospels and read—reread, and read again—the amazing stories of this Man Who is also God in human form. Then, after gaining a vision of Christ, remember that all you "see" is nothing compared with what you shall see in the day when He returns to embrace His people forever. We shall see God!

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