“He who was seated on the throne said, ‘I am making everything new!..”
Revelation 21:5

There is something about the first day of a new year that causes many people to review the past and to decide to make changes for the future. It seems as though we have turned a page, and what we see is a blank sheet in front of us on which we can write the future.

Certainly the past is chiselled in stone, but the future is available for modification—if we are determined to steer a different course in life. Somewhere it was said, “You can’t go back and start again, but you can start now to make a new ending.”

Resolutions for the New Year are appropriate enough as we rehearse the past year 2023.

You might have several things you wish to alter in life as you begin the journey through 2024. Perhaps you will want to write them down and keep them visible as reminders of what you are seeking to change during 2024. To help in making the changes it might be good not to have too many things you wish to correct or commence.

Our text for today is a remarkable promise from our Creator about something that will happen in the future. We are not the only ones who have noticed that this world needs a lot of revisions to make it a perfect place for people to live and enjoy life.

God has seen our tired old world and has made many promises to right the wrongs, to correct the injustices of life, and to remove all disease and suffering.

Our verse today is speaking of the future when God will come and recreate the universe. Then, all that is chaotic, all that is harmful, and all that opposes the will of God shall be removed.

The One Who sits on the throne of the universe is the Creator, the God of the Bible. He did not create the world in the beginning with sorrow and death in it. The world at the beginning was perfect and harmonious. When Adam and Eve sinned the universe began to decay and die.

The marvellous message of the Scriptures is that God has intervened to start the process of re-creation. Through the work of Jesus, the whole of creation is being made ready for the day when the people of all ages will appear before the throne of God. He will then judge us and bring into His eternal kingdom those who have believed in the Lord Jesus.

This is what our verse is speaking about. Christians have the hope of God bringing this world order to an end and giving us a new earth to live in—forever. The new earth will have all traces of evil removed.

Nothing that opposes the will of God shall be in the new creation that God has promised. Only those who love righteousness and love God shall be present in this wonderful place.

So, for all who love the Lord, there is an amazing future in store for us. We are able to tolerate this present evil world because of the hope of a new order coming.

Our hope is not to make this world a paradise, but rather, to wait patiently for Jesus’ coming and for Him to bring us into our new and permanent home. Meanwhile we seek to alleviate the suffering of those around us and to spread the Good News of Jesus the Saviour—Who has come to “make all things new.”

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