Jesus Walking on Water

“…they saw Jesus approaching the boat,
walking on the water…”
John 6:19

I well recall a certain group of churches in Canada mocking the miracles of Jesus recorded in Scripture.

In dealing with the story of Jesus walking on the water and approaching the fearful disciples in the boat, the writer in this denomination called Jesus “the amphibious footed Jesus”.

Something that is amphibious is a creature capable of living in water or on dry land. For example, some species of turtles can readily move about on land or swim and dive in the ocean. When the writer of the magazine referred to Jesus in this manner he was taunting people who believed Jesus actually did this miracle.

Now it is clear to anyone that if you have decided that miracles cannot occur, you will always say that any records of a miracle occurring must be false. Such people do not need to examine the evidence to try to see if it could have happened or not. No amount of evidence brought to the discussion will influence their opinion. They have announced the verdict before the trial.

We all recognize that a normal person cannot walk on water. All of us as children have likely jumped into the water for a swim knowing that we will not bounce off the surface of the water. We realise that we can only walk on water when it is frozen. Otherwise we will sink to the bottom of the lake or start swimming if we want to live.

Those of us who believe that Jesus really did walk on water also recognize that He is the God Who created water and all the other things in the universe. Once we realise Who Jesus is, we have no problem with hearing about Him doing things that we cannot explain such as walking on water.

So when Jesus makes amazing claims about being able to give peace to those who are in turmoil we believe Him. When He comes alongside us at the grave of a loved one and says He is the Resurrection and the Life, it makes sense and it brings needed comfort.

When we feel that we are in the dark and do not know what life is really about, Jesus comes alongside us and says,

“I am the Light of the world, whoever follows Me
shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life.”

If you have all you need to cope with the sad alternatives in life then you do not need a Jesus Who is also the Creator and walked on water. However, if you have come to the end of your own resources, consider this One Who has satisfied countless millions of people through the centuries and Who invites you to come and trust in Him.

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