God sets the lonely in families..."
Psalm 68:6 (NIV)

We are coming to a time of year when families celebrate Christmas.

We hear radio songs about being home for the holidays, we buy tickets to get us home to be with family, we are on the phone or emailing family members asking them to come home.

All of us remember the little family in Bethlehem that welcomed their first child, a Son—Jesus Christ—and were forced to be in a stable because of no room in the houses.

It was a most humble beginning here for the One Who is the King of Kings and Lord of lords. Even the first visitors to welcome this new born King into the world were lowly shepherds. It seems the Magi—with expensive gifts—came a year or two late.

During the early years of His life, little is known except for a brief description of a visit to Jerusalem. Otherwise He grew up and practiced the trade of a carpenter in obscurity.

Even the last three years of His life, prior to crucifixion, have little recorded as the accounts of His life spend much time on the last few days before the crucifixion.

When Jesus was with His disciples, they so often did not understand His teaching and mission. In fact there was considerable resistance to what He taught about His great work in Jerusalem of dying and being raised three days later.

Various times we read of Him slipping away—from even His beloved little group—to pray and be alone with His Father.

His own family did not understand His mission until after His resurrection—such was His loneliness.

Jesus was a popular figure for some time but became misunderstood and eventually maligned and lied against, wrongfully condemned and crucified.

No one was as alone as Jesus. Yet this lonely One invites people to come to Him and receive life. He speaks of Himself as meek and lowly in heart. He assures all who will come of a wonderful welcome.

Today, if you feel misunderstood, lied against, rejected, or all alone, then Jesus is the perfect One to talk to and look to for sympathy and understanding. He has travelled that road and can help you as He remembers His suffering when among us.

Bring today's verse to the Lord in prayer. Call on Him to provide you with "family"—with who will love you just as you are and who will encourage you to be the person the Lord is directing you to be.

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