Lost in Space

“For the Son of Man is come to save that which was lost.”
Matthew 18:11 (KJV)

An American Science fiction movie made in 1998 bore the title of our devotional today.

The story line in the movie was about the Robinson family who set out on a journey in space to find a new home for the people of earth. In space they lost their way. The movie describes the adventures of the family in their dilemma.

Being lost in space would certainly be a terrifying experience for any family or space crew. Even when we were children and got lost we felt great fear.

Is there any sound as pitiful as that of a lost child crying for its’ parents? All the adults around a lost child quickly help in the search for the frantic parent who lost their beloved child.

In the journey of life many people can be seen who have lost their way. They find the issues of life confusing and they wonder why they are here and they ask, “What is the purpose of it all?” Sorrow can cause people to lose their way in life and they cry out like little children separated from their parents.

Many people think that there are no answers for the difficulties in life and give up looking for an explanation to all that we see and experience. These people are really lost!

I have often described the Bible as the User’s Guide to Life. The God Who has made us and all things has not left us to stumble on like lost children. He has given us a remarkable book to take up and read in order to discover why we are here and what has gone dreadfully wrong in our universe.

However, the Bible does not only describe how the world went astray, it tells us the way that God is putting his creation back together again. Even more interesting than that is the fact that God gives all of us an invitation to come from a lost, confused way of looking at life, to a place where we not only understand God’s plan but also how we may participate in it.

There is no need for us to wander through life lost and not getting anywhere. We have a very genuine invitation from God to participate in His grand scheme for all of the universe. He tells us that we need to recognize that we are indeed lost, and lost by our own foolishness. Then we are invited to come to His Son Jesus and trust in Him for our rescue from this world’s sad end and participate in the new earth and new heavens prepared for those who love Him.

Only when we realise life is too much for us and that we need help of a supernatural sort will we seek the aid that only God can give. During many years of ministry I have witnessed people with a great variety of problems find the help they need in the Lord.

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