Never Alone

"...I am not alone.
I stand with the Father, who sent me."
John 8:16 (NIV)

Genuine hermits are few and far between. Almost all of us are created for the company of others. We can take a few hours or days of being on our own but soon we long to have someone to talk to, to see, to hear, to share experiences with.

I recall talking to an elderly Christian minister after he had returned from a world tour his wealthy son had purchased for him. His wife had passed away some months earlier and his loving son wanted to help ease the pain of his loss by giving his father the trip of a lifetime.

As the elderly man described some of the fabulous sights his face was radiant. Obviously he had enjoyed himself. But then his countenance fell and he made the sad comment, "But, Gordon, it was not the same without wifey." The wonders of the world needed to be shared with someone special to provide the greatest satisfaction.

Our Lord's boast—while with us—was that the Father was with Him always. Our Lord derived great satisfaction from the intimacy He enjoyed with the Father. Their relationship was perfect and nothing marred it. They never quarrelled, never had a disagreement, nothing interrupted the joy of their union.

This wonderful and amazing unity between the Father and the Son was shattered when Jesus was on the cross—especially during those hours of darkness from about noon to 3:00 pm. At the conclusion of the three hours Jesus made a loud cry saying,

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"
(Matthew 27:46).

This sudden cry of horror and amazement from the lips of Jesus reveal a small portion of the sorrow He experienced when the Father struck Him in punishment for the sins of His people. The hell God's elect deserved was all directed against the Shepherd—and for that moment the Father turned away from the Son.

Christians should take great comfort from this truth of Jesus substituting for them at the cross. Because Jesus was forsaken by God we can never be forsaken as well. The Father cannot desert us because the Son endured that punishment on our behalf. Rejoice Christian, in the fulness of the Saviour's redemption accomplished for us at Calvary.

The Lord is indeed with you whatever may be wrong in your life—this truth stands clear. God stands with you and shall be yours forever. Be content with this wonderful truth.

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