Hope Springs Eternal

By , November 8, 2019

“Yet when I hoped for good, evil came;”
Job 30:26 (NIV)

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I recall a particular individual in a church where I was the pastor many years ago.

Somehow he felt a calling to seek me out prior to the Sunday morning church service each week with some tale of woe that would cause tears to flow from the stony eyes of a statue. Never in my life had I ever met a man who could depress a person so swiftly and thoroughly as he could.

I was fascinated by his capacity to describe some terrible disaster in a very few sentences. It seemed he was only with me for a moment yet the sense of gloom that descended on me would last just until the church service was over.

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On a Journey

By , November 7, 2019

“…they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth”
Hebrews 11:13

Christian praying

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Why is it that an English fiction book by an uneducated man has become the best selling fiction of all time? Who would have guessed that this man whose profane tongue was known for its ability to string out profanities would be the best selling author in history?

The man who wrote the best selling fiction book in history was John Bunyan (1628-1688). His remarkable best seller is entitled Pilgrim’s Progress. Translated into over 200 languages, we are told that this book has never been out of print. It is the story of “Christian”, a man whose journey through this world to heaven is told as an allegory. Its literary merits have received words of universal praise.

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Who Do You Believe?

By , November 6, 2019

“He is not here, for He has risen as He said.”
Matthew 28:6

Man beside Oh Stop It sign

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As someone who has sought to help people untangle the strands of their broken relationships I often come to a “He said…she said” stop sign.

By this expression I mean that the discussion is reduced to two people saying conflicting things.

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When All Hope Is Gone

By , November 5, 2019

“But they rested on the Sabbath…”
Luke 23:56 (NIV)

Dark sky

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When our Lord died there were several events that shook the faith of the people and caused the nation to fear. The darkness was a miracle because it was the wrong time for a solar eclipse to happen and also the length of the darkness was altogether too long. The event cannot be explained except to say it was the hand of God.

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Which Is It?

By , November 3, 2019

“Mary Magdalene came while it was still dark”
John 20:1

 “…they came to the tomb when the sun had risen”
Mark 16:2

Sky at dawn

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At the Seminary where I studied, the professors accepted the Bible as true—and at the university I went to they frequently sought to ridicule certain aspects of the biblical record.

I well recall one university professor having fun pointing out the two verses for today and asking, “Well, did they go to the tomb before dawn or after?” Not being as well read then as now, I was not sure of an adequate answer.

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