Too Busy for What?

By , September 16, 2019

“And he was saying,
‘Jesus remember me when you come in your kingdom.’”
Luke 23:42 (NIV)

Man concentrating while reading a book

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Most, if not all of us have been busy doing something and someone started to talk to us. We have found their speech an interruption to our concentration on the task we were performing. Perhaps we simply ignore the person’s chatter. Then, we might find their speaking to be extremely irritating as we must turn to answer them and lose our focus on the work we were trying to do.

On another occasion we might be in great pain and we wish for a quiet, dark room to lie very still and not be disturbed. If someone interrupts our peaceful situation we easily become angry with them and ask them to go away. Trying to cope with pain that is severe is hard work and requires all of our concentration. Any interruption, however small, is very hard to accept.

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Turn My White Shirt Blue

By , September 15, 2019

“He answered,
‘A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign!”
Matthew 12:39 (NIV)

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I well remember a time long ago when I was working for an electronics firm. I met a particular man who always dressed crisply and without a wrinkle in his shirt. He wore the standard white shirt of the day with a tie around the neck. His small moustache was trimmed perfectly. He was a fine employee for the company.

This particular day I had spoken of the Lord to him and his response to me was surprising. He quickly made it known that he did not believe in God. I asked what would convince him that God existed and was interested in him. His response was, “The day God turns my white shirt blue, I will believe in Him.”

While I was still a new Christian at the time with much to learn, I did know that his challenge to God was one that the Creator would not take up. God does not have to prove Himself to anyone.

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Hanging Out With The Wrong People

By , September 14, 2019

“If this man were a prophet, he would know…
that she is a sinner.” Luke 7:39 (NIV)

Sad woman with shadows on her face

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When He walked this earth, Jesus earned a reputation for spending too much time with the worst people in society. Indeed, His critics were appalled that He would spend any time with them at all.

For the religiously self righteous of our Lord’s day such “sinners” were invisible and nothing could convince these people to have anything to do with such dreadful people.

Looking at the context of our verse, we read that Jesus was in the home of a Pharisee named Simon in the northern area of Galilee. The man had invited Jesus to come to his home for dinner. Apparently the Pharisee was curious about Jesus and wished to learn more about Him.

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How Lost Can You Be?

By , September 13, 2019

“If only I knew where to find him;
if only I could go to his dwelling!”
Job 23:3 (NIV)

Smiling woman

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In the opinion of some Christians we should always be smiling—happy, and victorious in our daily walk. There is no doubt that we all wish for such a lovely journey through life.

No one deliberately seeks to be miserable unless they have a distorted way of thinking. But is the correct view of the believer’s life a pilgrimage that is all joy and peace and all the negative things of life absent?

Only if you ignore all the stories of God’s people in the Bible can you maintain the theory that life for Christians should always be fun and games.

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No More Crying

By , September 12, 2019

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes”
Revelation 21:4 (KJV)

Man bent over crying on train

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When many of us as children were taken to the doctor’s office for an injection or some other unwanted procedure, we would become frightened. Perhaps our parents would urge us not to cry and promise us a reward for being brave.

When I had my tonsils removed I was promised all the ice cream I could eat. That was a great treat we only enjoyed on special occasions.

In parts of western society crying has been seen as a weakness, especially when a man cries. We allow women to weep and it is acceptable, but from childhood boys are told, “Men do not cry.” The idea was that if we boys wished to prove we were grown up we would not cry.

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