Shooting Yourself In The Foot

"But the Pharisees and the experts in the law
rejected God’s purpose for themselves..."
Luke 7:30 (NIV)

In western society we have an expression that is our devotional's title today. We say someone is “shooting himself in the foot” when the person does something to harm their future prospects. Let me illustrate what I mean.

Say a person was applying for a job selling Ford cars. He comes to the job interview well dressed, well spoken, and eager to be employed by the Ford dealership. He demonstrates a lot of knowledge about cars in general and about Ford cars in particular.

Suddenly he blurts out, "I have always driven Chevrolet cars as I think they have a much better product." That comment is called “shooting yourself in the foot”. The person has said something that virtually guarantees failure in his search for a job at the Ford dealership. The person has destroyed his prospect of a job at that location.

In our story today we read of some people who shot themselves in the foot. These people had witnessed or at least heard of Jesus raising a dead man, they had seen how He had healed the blind, the lame, the lepers, how He exorcised demons, and so on. There were so many miracles from the gracious hand of Jesus that day but they stubbornly refused to acknowledge Who Jesus was.

There was an amazing opportunity to recognize Jesus as God in human form, yet the Pharisees and experts in the law set aside all the clear evidence before them and committed spiritual suicide. Perhaps they had come to the ministry of Jesus that day with their minds made up against Him and what He was doing and saying.

Our Lord pointed out how fickle people are in their religious beliefs (see Luke 7:31). There He contrasted His lifestyle with John the Baptist—who was also rejected by these men. John the Baptist only showed up when it was time to preach. John never attended the people's homes or parties and celebrations. All he came to do was preach about Jesus and God's judgment on sin.

On the other hand, Jesus attended the parties, ate the food and drank the wine served at these festive occasions. The two men were opposite in manner but the same in message. Yet it did not matter to these religious leaders of the day. They seemed to be highly motivated to cling to their own traditions and reject the only message that could do them good.

Today will you not consider the amazing portrait of Jesus in Luke 7 and join the many ordinary people who embraced the overwhelming evidence that testified to who Jesus was? Accept His testimony to Himself through what He said or else believe for the very sake of His miracles.

He is able to calm your anxious mind, he has the power to raise the dead, He has all you need to get on with living in your troubled situation.

Seek Him while He can be found and come to Him while He is near.

Jesus is willing and able to rescue you from your sin and sorrow. Don't shoot yourself in the foot. Come to Jesus and come today.

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