Forever joyful

“Your grief will turn joy…and no one will take away your joy” John 16;20, 22.

When our daughter tells her 18 month old son he is going to Gramma and Grandpa’s house he gets all excited. He loves us nd we make suitable fusses over him each time he appears on our doorstep. We have dogs he also loves, toys he enjoys playing with and of course treats for him to eat.

Yet, for all that, if his mother leaves without him, there are tears for a moment. He is most happy when his mother is present. She is his supreme love and security in life. I tease my daughter by saying that some day another woman will come along and he will end up loving her more than his mother. Then he will marry and move out to be with the one he loves the most.

In our verse today, Jesus is preparing His disciples for His departure. He indicates that by leaving them He will cause them to weep and mourn. He has assured them that His departure is for their benefit John 15:7, 13-14. They will be truly blessed by the coming of the Holy Spirit Who will guide them into all truth and glorify Jesus.

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