The Faithful Teacher

“You are the salt of the earth”
Matthew 5:13

It was many years ago that a faithful Sunday School teacher had a group of young teenagers to serve every Lord’s Day. The teacher was a very gentle man who loved his Lord and took great interest in all the boys in his class.

In fact, one of the class members was his own beloved son. Another scholar was his son’s close friend. That fact worried the teacher because his son’s friend was an actively evil person and the teacher feared for the spiritual safety of his boy. Also, most of the parents in the church were concerned about the bad influence of the young fellow on the others in the church.

The rebellious young teenager never knew of his Sunday School teacher’s concern about his friendship with the teacher’s son.

The teacher took a very genuine interest in the deviant boy and spoke to him kindly every opportunity he had. The young fellow gained the very accurate notion that his teacher truly cared for him.

For a few years the young man drifted from church and the training he had from his teacher. One day when he was with some other like minded fellows they were planning the robbery of a local store.

As the various ideas were put forward concerning the best way to get the cash from the store owner the former Sunday School scholar recalled the kind and concerned teacher he once had at church.

The thought came to him in that planning meeting that if ever the teacher found out he had been arrested and charged with a crime it would be too embarrassing. He quickly got up, excused himself from the home of his partner in crime and never returned to the evil friends he once enjoyed so much.

It was years before the young man became a Christian but the influence of a quiet, faithful Sunday School teacher had spoken with conviction to his heart that warm summer day.

The young man went on to become a preacher and teacher who served the Lord in numerous countries. His friend became a world renowned biblical scholar. The two are friends to this day.

Do you wonder what influence your life could possibly have on others? Do you imagine that you are not significant nor is there any great contribution for you to make to the world of your time?

That Sunday School teacher never became the CEO of some large company but his son and his son’s friend have touched people around the world for the Gospel. Without a godly father or Sunday School teacher who knows what would have become of either young man.

Just be faithful with what the Lord gives you to do. Love the unlovely and work patiently with the rebels of this world. God is able to raise up spiritual giants who have had their lives shaped profoundly by an unknown faithful disciple of Jesus. God has no little people.

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