Watch Where You Are Going

But my eyes are fixed on you, Sovereign Lord; in you I take refuge—do not give me over to death.
Psalm 141:8 (NIV)

I remember visiting a fine Christian couple who lived about 3 hours drive from my home. He was a juvenile probation officer. She had graduated with a degree in music and used her vocal gift to bless many people.

They had children who were well adjusted and happy. Our visits were always delightful. However, there was one thing that seemed difficult for us when we saw our friends. They could not see us. Both of our friends were born blind.

At times I had tried to imagine what it would be like if I could not see. Sight is such an important gift of God and to be blind must be a great handicap.

Our friends described to us how they coped without sight. They were resourceful and had things like seeing eye dogs and talking computers, but it was obvious that they missed much in life because they could not see.

The Psalmist, who wrote our verse for today, speaks of fixing his eyes on the Sovereign Lord in order to be "safe". It is enormously important to have such spiritual vision and to keep our eyes focussed on our Saviour.

My friends who were born blind had such spiritual vision and were focussed on the God Who made them. They kept their spiritual eyes "fixed" on the Lord and that was how they navigated through a dark world. They watched where they were going and were kept safe.

A serious issue that we have on life's journey is that problems and trials loom large on our horizon and can easily block out our view of the Lord. It takes great effort to focus on the Lord when danger from some trial in life seems to seriously threaten us.

How do we fix our eyes on the Sovereign Lord when sorrow visits us? There are several ways to be sure we see the Lord—that are gifts from God.

First we have the Bible to describe to us how majestic and all powerful the Creator really is. In its pages we read many great and precious promises.

Then we have the times of gathering with the Lord's people to sing praise to God, to fellowship together, to join in prayer as a group of God's children, and then there is the wonderful matter of listening to the Bible being faithfully read and explained.

All of these activities have been described as the "means of grace". This term indicates that God's grace flows from Him to us as we participate in these activities. However, we must keep close to the Lord through such things—and that is how we focus or "fix" our eyes on the Lord.

Work diligently at these spiritual activities and you will surely see the Lord as the Psalmist did and you will be kept safe. Watch where you are going.

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