Who has the last word?

“I am angry with you and your two friends,
because you have not spoken of me what is right,
as my servant Job has.”
Job 42:7 (NIV)

Some people in life have had others gossip about them and spread lies. It is one thing to suffer physical pain but somehow we find slander to be especially painful.

When we lose treasured things in life it helps if we still have our dignity, our sense of self-worth. When that is taken from us we become very depressed and miserable.

Many of you have gone through various types of suffering, some have been divorced, some have had wayward children, some have had business or career failures, or perhaps some have been ill for a long time.

People looking on from the outside, who have little or no knowledge of the situation, may make harsh judgments that are hurtful and inappropriate.

When an earthquake happens, some foolish people say it was a judgment of God. This was the case when Haiti experienced the great earthquake in January 2010. But Haiti is on a fault line and when the earth’s crust moves an earthquake is inevitable.

It's the same with San Francisco, it's on the San Andreas Fault line and because of it's location there is no way that the city will escape earthquakes.

The remarkable man Job, whose story is in the Old Testament, was praised by God as being an especially upright and godly man. However, God did not keep him from experiencing disaster in his life. We all know the story of how his children die, his wealth disappears, and his health fails him. Even his faithful wife called on him to curse God and die.

But Job’s “comforters” had verbally abused Job and insulted him by telling him that his misery was because of some sin in his life. Job tried to tell them that he was not some great sinner who was being punished. He assured his “comforters” of exactly what God had said in Job 1:8,

“There is no one on earth like him;
he is blameless and upright,
a man who fears God and shuns evil.” (NIV)

Perhaps today you wonder if you suffer for some great evil in your life. You may have others around you calling on you to confess your sin and be healed. Seek to escape their sharp tongues and turn to the Lord for shelter and comfort.

Our text today assures us that the critics of people in pain will be judged by God and told the truth about suffering in the world and why it is allowed. All of us will be informed at the last day about the purposes of God in permitting sorrow to be a part of life.

If you are abused by others and have been hurt by thoughtless comments, be confident that God will make it all plain in the coming day. Those who have wrongfully accused you will have their wagging tongues stopped. Meanwhile seek to be close to the Lord and trust Him to make right the wrongs of life. Ask Him for the amazing grace that people sing about. Tell Him you are tired of the false comments of others. God shall have the last word in that great day. Wait patiently for Him.

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