A Hill To Die On

By , October 15, 2018

“…he went out to the place of the Skull…Here they crucified him,”
John 19:17-18 (NIV)

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My wife, a psychotherapist by training, has an arresting figure of speech she likes to use with both her clients at times and occasionally with me. It is in the form of a question and is, “Is this a hill you are willing to die on?” At times many of us get very upset over things that are not worth a lot in the long run.

For some the size of the issue is of no significance whatever, control is all that matters. They are determined to have their way regardless of the cost. To these people we need to shrug our shoulders and steer clear of them.

Years ago when I was preaching somewhere, in a day when men usually cut their hair shorter than women, I was in the foyer after church speaking to a fine young man who sported a long pony tail. An older man who apparently knew him came up to us and grabbed the young man’s pony tail and said to him, “When are you going to cut this off?”

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Turning Back

By , October 14, 2018

“…many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.”
John 6:66 (NIV)

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While I am a public figure in the religious community and have traveled to several countries to preach and teach, I have never found the spotlight to be especially of interest to me. I grew up as an independent person who never desired leadership or notoriety. I did spend some time involved with petty thieves but readily quit that lifestyle while some of my friends went on to bigger and more dangerous things.

For the most part, in my earlier years as I grew up, I was a loner and greatly enjoyed my own company. Reading books about science and the world around us captivated my attention and I made weekly trips to the public library for more books to devour.

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“Do you remember?”

By , October 13, 2018

“…encourage and strengthen him,”
Deuteronomy 3:28

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My cell phone rang and a voice from my past was on the line. She had been thinking of me and wanted to make a connection. I certainly recalled some of my work with her through some dark times in her younger life. I felt so good to know she had made the effort to call.

She reminded me that when her marriage seemed hopeless, I had come to her home and gave her counsel from the Scriptures and we got on our knees to pray for her husband. God answered our prayers and he became a wonderfully attentive and kind husband and father as God took over his life.

Then she spoke of her daughter who, as a teenager, broke her heart by getting into all kinds of trouble. Many times we prayed for the young woman and again the Lord graciously moved into the situation and the girl became a devout Christian. She gave up her wandering and settled down and is now a mother herself.

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Who is He?

By , October 12, 2018

“Lord, to whom shall we go?”
John 6:68

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One of the most useful gifts my wife has ever given me is a GPS for my car. This gift is very helpful as I am always needing guidance to some new place where I have never been before. I visit people all over the place and to have a good guide lead me is very helpful.

Occasionally I have used the GPS to direct me to places I have been many times. Somehow I thought I would see if it could suggest a better way than the one I knew so well.

To my horror on one occasion the GPS tried to keep me on the highway well past the correct turnoff. Because I had time to spare, I followed its’ advice and it eventually kept directing me in circles and never getting me to my destination. So much for modern technology!

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Where to Go in a Time of Trouble

By , October 11, 2018

…they followed her, supposing she was going
to the tomb to mourn there.”
John 11:31 (NIV)

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Some time ago we were on holiday and took time to visit friends near North Bay and to visit my brother’s grave at Chetwynd near Burk’s Falls.

I recall the time I lived on a farm across the road from the cemetery and my brother and I would investigate the place and read the names of what seemed to be many Rumfords buried there. You see there were babies, teens, and old people with our family name who rest in that place.

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