What a Waste!

“… call on me in the day of trouble;
I will deliver you, and you will honor me.”
Psalm 50:15 (NIV)

One of the more confusing notions that comes to us when we are laid up and unable to continue with our daily routine is the idea that we cannot serve the Lord when in hospital or shut in at home.

Such a mistaken idea is a tool of Satan to discourage us and even to bring the cloud of doubt over us blocking a clear view of the Lord. At those times when we cannot live free and active lives we need to sing to the Lord in our hearts and honor Him in spite of our inactivity.

Some of the most godly people I know have lived for years in bed, away from the hustle and bustle of life, unable to rise and walk about as we do. Visiting with such disabled Christians has brought me much encouragement and blessing as I witness their steadfast faith and love for the Lord Jesus in their “day of trouble”.

Perhaps you are such a person and have not recognized how much you serve by simply trusting the Lord in spite of adversity. I would like to remind you of what Paul wrote to the Philippian Christians in chapter 1 of that small letter in the New Testament. He told the readers that his imprisonment furthered the Gospel as he was able to spread the Good News to the staff and prisoners all through the Roman jail. That was an opportunity he would not have had if the Lord didn’t place him there.

Perhaps you are someone who has a loved one who has had to stop the normal routine of life and be inactive for a time. Can you encourage that person with a verse like ours for today? Encourage that dear soul with the idea they have opportunity to witness for the Lord by word, attitude and trust, right where they are.

Times of sorrow are golden opportunities to demonstrate the amazing grace of God in all of life’s different situations. Ask them to look for ways to honor the Lord and bring glory to Him.

For some people, looking at how they handle times of trouble, all we can say is, “What a waste!” For others we say, “What an opportunity for the Lord to use them to further His kingdom.” Let us all buy up every opportunity to call upon the Lord in times of trouble, experience His deliverance, and honor Him.

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