What About Jesus?

“We esteemed him not.”
Isaiah 53:3

As we listen to various people offering their opinions on who Jesus is, the variety is remarkable. As far as I have heard, most people classify Jesus as a fine person. No one seems to say anything negative about Him or the work He tried to do.

However, many people simply ignore the Saviour of the world.  They don’t speak against Him but they just do not give Him a serious thought. This is the tragedy of it all.

I am convinced that if anyone starts to read the four biographies of Jesus—Matthew, Mark, Luke and John—in the Christian Bible, they will come away with many serious thoughts and questions.

The word pictures of Jesus given by those who walked with Him and researched His life, are both comforting and disturbing. We see especially in the Gospel of Luke that Jesus has tremendous compassion for people in pain. He seeks out those on the edge of the mainstream of life. No one seems too unimportant for Him to give His full attention to their problems. Jesus appears to be the champion of people who suffer in various ways.

When you look at Mark’s Gospel you see a Jesus that is very busy with His work of teaching and healing people. Mark’s favourite words seem to be, “straightway” and “immediately”. It is a great Gospel for energetic children to have read to them as Jesus seems to be always on the move.

When you read Matthew you come to see that our Lord was a great teacher and there is so much recorded there of His great spoken word.

John is a Gospel that is strongly pointing to Jesus as the God-man. Our Lord’s deity is clearly proclaimed and we read of Jesus saying He is God various times. While Matthew, Mark, and Luke had already recorded the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand, John insists on telling it as well. It is the only miracle of Jesus—apart from the resurrection—that is recorded in all four Gospels.

When Jesus took a poor little boy’s bag lunch (John 6), and created food for thousands of people from it, He was indicating that He was the Creator God. No more powerful evidence could be given of Who Jesus was than that specific miracle. No mere human being can create matter from nothing and in such abundance!

Do you need to have another look at this remarkable person? He will not leave you indifferent if you take time to study Him. You will discover that He is the most remarkable individual you have ever read about. He promises to come to everyone who will seek Him (Matthew 11:28-30). He longs to bless and strengthen the weary ones. What good reason could there be to ignore the One Who spoke and worked as Jesus did?

Why not seek Him today? What about this Jesus?

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